The Great
Heist Caper Job
Find and Replace "The Sultans Lock"!

Description:  Also present in our Boston location, and recent recipient of a great review on, this is another room with game flow optimized for large groups. Players take on the role of security guards who have interrupted an obnoxious cat burglar in the process of stealing from the Kuddelmuddel Museum of Marginal Curiosities. The burglar stashes the prized exhibit item, trips the alarm and traps them inside, framing them for the theft. The players have 60 minutes to find the prized item within an exhibit of historic puzzles and codes... then get it placed back into its high security gated display area before the authorities arrive!

Configuration: 1 hour game 
Players: 12 Max - 2 Minimum - 6-10 Optimum
Ticket Price:  $25 - $30 ea 

Difficulty:  CHALLENGING

Game in use?:  YES

Rating:  PG

Scare Level: NONE

Age Range: 10+

Time Limit: 60 Min

The Short Story:  Museum Heist is a super immersive game, one with LOTS of automation and triggered reveals.  One of the fantastic props includes a fully functional, automated high-security area and gate reveal.


The Great Museum Heist Caper Job - $ CALL FOR PRICING 


  • Bait and switch initial area- cramped  dingy guard's office for first 10 minutes of gameplay to maximize visual impact of entering exhibit area.

  • Large scale custom environmental puzzles requiring hands-on interaction: Roman temple column puzzle, Giant mayan wheel wall, ancient pyramid puzzle, 5ft giant skeleton key, etc

  • Detailed believable museum exhibit environment including humorous exhibit placards, descriptions, signage, proper lighting, display cabinets etc

  • Multitude of automated reveals and triggered solve effects. Players are rewarded with environmental reactions at each step.

  • Blend of puzzle types for all players

  • Mix of linear and non linear flow

  • Top tier world building and implied backstory

  • High challenge but fair room (20% completion rate in standard 3 clue limit mode)

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