At Wicked Adventures, we have delivered multiple trailer Escape Adventures and Puzzle Rooms.  Our popular "Dr. Manafestus Meltdown" game was the highlight of the 2017 Escape Room conference in Niagara, NY!  

Call or write today for information on one of our pre-designs games, or speak with us about a custom design you already have in mind!  All design and fabrication work is done right in Woburn, MA!

American Made; designed and fabricated in Boston, MA!

Looking for additional revenue streams for your existing business, perhaps simply looking to get into the emerging Escape Room industry and don't want retail space; a mobile build by Wicked Amusements is the answer!

Meltdown! (Trailer or Mobile)

Players take on the role of a team of agents, who have successfully located the mobile hideout of the nefarious Professor Manafestus.Unfortunately the Professor was one step ahead of them, and has trapped everyone inside his mobile hideout and set his Experimental Spatial Collider And Particle Entanglement Reactor (E.S.C.A.P.E. Reactor) to overload, which will cause a chain reaction wiping out half the city! Players will need to use all their brainpower to uncover clues within the Professor's lab, utilize the high tech and oddball equipment inside, and disarm the reactor before it explodes!  Save your team, and save the city!

DUAL Game Trailer

More information coming soon!  Check out this new build, just delivered in Aug of 2017!

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