Cell Block 4
4 Cells. 60 Minutes. 1 Way Out!

Description:  Some say receiving a life sentence for littering was excessive. Unfortunately, you and your team ran into the toughest judge in the county, and now you're all doing hard time in Cell Block 4! Luckily something is amiss in the prison and the guards are busy elsewhere. Prison legend has it that the former residents of Cell Block 4 found a way to escape. Can you figure out how they did it and follow their trail to freedom? You and your fellow block-mates have 60 minutes of unsupervised time during lights-out to find a way to escape your cells and make a break for blue skies!!


Throw on that orange jumpsuit, maybe some fake tattoos, explore those cells, solve prison codes, disable security measures and have the most fun you've ever had behind bars! Orange IS the new Trap!

Configuration: 1 hour game 
Players: 12 Max - 2 Minimum - 6-10 Optimum
Ticket Price:  $25 - $30 ea 

Difficulty:  CHALLENGING

Game in use?:  YES

Rating:  PG-13

Scare Level: NONE

Age Range: 10+

Time Limit: 60 Min

The Short Story:  Cell Block 4 is one of the most immersive escape games currently in the industry.  It is comprised of 13 games, puzzles, hides and reveals.  The crown jewel of our Saugus, MA location, customers simply love getting locked up in this multi-cell, larger format game.

Cell Block 4 Key Pass
Cell Block 4 Hole view
Cell Block 4 Trapped in Boston
Cell Block 4 Handcuffs
Cell Block 4 inmate
Cell Block 4 Puzzle Key
Cell Block 4 Hall
CB4 Cell 4


Cell Block 4 - $ CALL FOR PRICING


Our most popular game in our Boston location, top tier reviews from both veterans and new players. Designed for viable gameplay for mixed booking groups of up to 12 players. Exaggerated theme-park style prison break with narrative nods to Shawshank Redemption, Cool Hand Luke, Escape From Alcatraz, etc, including narrative clues in Morgan Freeman impersonator voice.


Groups are split into 4 realistic prison cells (sliding doors, real prison toilets, prison bunk beds, faux cinderblock walls, etc.) on either side of a shared hallway, and must overcome security lockdown to get out of their individual cells, then solve puzzles and clues left by a hilariously motley crew of former inmates to escape the block itself.

  • Players don orange jumpsuits to play, making for hugely boosted social media and marketing value in their pre/post game photos

  • Discovery heavy room- searching cells for hidden items and communicating with players in other cells appeals to all ages and experience levels

  • Mix of puzzle types- pattern recognition, verbal, logic, procedural

  • Several checkpoint "wow" reveals including automated cell door unlock puzzle that requires all 4 cells working together, automated hidden area reveal behind actual prison toilet/sink fixture, etc.

  • Mix of linear and non linear puzzle flow to correctly engage larger groups

  • 2-cell reset option for groups of only 2 or 3 players

  • Distressed old-school prison environment with ambient soundscape, escalating tension musical score, flickering dim lighting for "lights out" setting etc

  • Narrative world building through clues, humorous content and "easter egg" content like clever signage and scenic elements

  • No red herrings

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Cell Block 4 Handcuffs